Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), improving your ranking, more visitors.

Also known as SEO, search engine optimisation is a vital part of a websites creation process in order to get your site to the top of the rusults pages in search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Having your site high up the search results for your products will certainly increase your sales. Actinic allows you to enter the search terms and descriptions into the system with great ease. With your knowledge of your industries jargon and our experience of creating sites to optimise the presentation of this information we have great success in helping companies gain visitors to their sites without the need of any expensive advertising.

Search engines have extreemly complex systems which are used to find any and all web sites that are related to the search. The results often get into the millions. This complicated system has to not only find all the relevant sites, but to put them into an order of relevance to the search term used.

Given the amount of results usually found, every detail that is shown in your site can make a large difference to where your site can appear in these lists, being on the tenth page of a search will almost certainly not prove to be of much use, so this is a very important part of creating your site.

As part of our service to you when creating your site, we do everything we can to help you rise to the highest point you can in these reults. This does mean some work on your behalf, which we are happy to help you with, but it really is worth while in the long run.

Click here to read the Wikipedia definition of Search Engine Optimisation.

Want to know how good your site is? Find out right now...

Try these tests and see what happens, they only take a few seconds and any errors shown can affect the amount of visitors you get:

HTML check This will show you how well your site has been made.

Link checker This tests for broken links, internal and external and should be checked regularly.

CSS check The CSS file affects the appearance of your site.

Pay Per Click (PPC), advertising online by paying.

This method of advertising creates the list you may have noticed in the right hand side and sometimes the top of a search reults page.

To get your site to show in these lists you need to visit a search engine and create an account. From there you can add individual adverts to any page on your site using particular search terms. Usually you do not pay for your site to be shown in the list, but as someone clicks the link to your site, an amount is charged to your account. You can set different search terms to different limits of the Cost Per Click (CPC).

Actinic can connect to google Analytics, this is a very useful program that can show you how your advertising is doing, using the information you can tweak your adverts to increase your Return On Investment (ROI), so you spend your money on the adverts that earn you money.

You can often find sites in these lists that lack the appeal most people like to see in a site. Having a professionally designed site will be more attractive to potential customers and in turn create more orders. Without this appeal you could be throwing your money away.

Please feel free to call us or contact us on-line by clicking here and we will be more than happy in helping you understand the above or any other part of on-line advertising and e-commerce.

Click here to read the Wikipedia definition of Pay Per Click.

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